Datacenter Setup

Hexaform Technologies provides turnkey transformational services of Legacy & On-Premises datacenters to next-gen cloud-ready platform. We cover end-to-end services including:

  • - planning & design,
  • - solution building,
  • - ordering and delivery of equipment,
  • - rack & stack, installation & configuration,
  • - testing & turn-up,
  • - migrations,
  • - support,
  • - onsite staff augmentation,
  • - managed services.

Infrastructure Architecting Services

When organizations (out of necessity) pay attention to their IT Infrastructure, they should invest in infrastructure architecture to rationalize, standardize, and structure their infrastructure landscapes. Organizations also benefit from infrastructure architecture when they want to be flexible and agile, because a solid and naturally scalable, modular infrastructure provides a firm foundation for quick adaptations at higher levels. Hexaform specializes in streamlining your IT systems to optimize system performance and provide an architecture that will rapidly scale to meet your changing mission needs while achieving IT service availability requirements. Our Infrastructure Architecting Services provides you with:

  • - Greater insight into and overview of existing complex infrastructure services by preparing a transparent and structured taxonomy.
  • - Development of a structured, standardized, and consolidated set of infrastructure components that optimally support business processes and applications.
  • - A balanced examination of the possibilities that are offered by new technologies and a concrete path towards solutions to the challenges that occur in business operations.
  • - Improved alignment with operational services, because architecture enables engineering that is driven by service-level agreements (SLAs)/operating-level agreements (OLAs).

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Public Cloud Consulting

Cloud computing can help you to reduce capital expenses, boost innovation, unlock new possibilities, and realize your strategic IT objectives faster. No matter what your goals are, capitalizing on cloud computing is a significant IT decision—one that can have far-fetching implications on your general IT strategy, future IT technology acquisitions, regulatory obligations, staffing, governance, and eventual achieving your business goals. The premise that one single technology decision could impact so much makes the choice both critical and sometimes very difficult, especially in the rapidly emerging and continuously shifting cloud computing landscape.

Hexaform Technologies understands the unique cloud computing variants that affect IT decision-making. Our cloud consulting services are designed to support you through your decision-making process, from exploratory evaluations all the way to building solution & migration strategies to help with your technology decisions. We help you in asking all the right questions, get most-relevant answers , and make informed cloud and IT decisions — the ones that will help you accomplish your business objectives!

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Project ROKU

- 90% of businesses losing data from a disaster are forced to shut down within two years.

- The survival rate for companies without a disaster recovery plan is less than 10%.

- The global spend on Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity is $ 8B in FY 18.

"Project ROKU" is result agnostic Function-as-a-Service aimed at meeting your DR and BC needs.

  • - Build snapshots of applications, databases, objects and files in a VMWare environment. (other platforms to be launched shortly).
  • - Multi-platform target environment (VMware, Cloud, Bare-metal, etc.)
  • - Common medium to store and retrieve data needed for business continuity