• - Current Business Initiatives
  • - Capacity Usage Expectations
  • - Existing Limitations
  • - Cost optimizations and consolidations
  • - Disaster Recovery


  • - Physical & virtual inventory
  • - Rack Layout
  • - Network Map
  • - Inter-site connectivity


  • - As-Is vs. Proposed comparisions
  • - Total Cost of Ownership
  • - Solution Components
  • - Cost benefit analysis
  • - High-level migration plan
C-PAR is / will C-PAR isn’t / won’t
a framework designed to understand client’s needs and expectations from it infrastructure and design a solution accordingly. an application or a software that client need to buy. the whole activity is free of charge.
an exercise to collate and document client’s current it infrastructure setup. ask any questions pertaining to client’s business practices or policies. we also will not access any of client’s end-user / client information.
a verification of the proposed design against technology and oem standard design guidelines a proof-of-concept, trialware, freeware. however, the outcome could lead to a potential poc.
an effort to identify technology gaps in client’s current it infrastructure an audit or advisory service for your application workloads. focus here is only on the it infrastructure and how your applications use them.
What We Need
We will need access to key stakeholders like CTO, CIO, VP-IT / IT Manager, Network & Storage Admins, CISO, Application developers / vendors. Physical access to your datacenter/s will be needed.
We will need about 2 ~ 3 days of dedicated access to your facility and approval to spend the required time with the stakeholders Finally, presence of decision makers for the executive readout session. This could potentially last between 1 ~ 3 hours depending on the complexity of the proposed solution.

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Disclaimer: The C-PAR exercise is one where Hexaform Technologies and its staff will work with you in collecting you IT infrastructure data in building a solution that is the best fit for your need. This will mean that data collected from you will be compared with other such similar setups to arrive at a solution. We may also use the data we collect to form the new base or the standard against which future customers undergoing the C-PAR will be compared against.

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